Welcome to My Reality!

And therein is the problem.  My perceived truth doesn’t correlate with actual reality.  If it did, I’d be dusting my Pulitzer Prize medal or shining my Oscar.  And while I did place second in a short screenplay competition, I’m reminded that inflated dreams can lead to deflated results.  For years I was so intent on writing the perfect article, screenplay, novel, etc., that I didn’t write at all.  And Lady Karma took great pleasure in humbling me.  However, I did learn valuable lessons as a freelance magazine writer.  These skills included writing concisely, meeting deadlines, and interviewing people for articles.  That last bit may be the most important of all for it’s the characters that people relate to when they read stories.  If I don’t care about any of the characters, most likely I won’t care about the plot.

I realize I may never win the Pulitzer and I’m okay with that.  Once I accepted that I enjoy writing genre works, including fantasy, mystery, and paranormal, I actually started writing more.  I can still pursue my literary dreams via playwriting but in the meantime I’m going to have fun with this.  After all, one can only be on hiatus for so long.


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