The Art of Self-Discipline

I’ll admit it, I’m the last one to preach self-discipline. I’m easily distracted, have a tendency to procrastinate, and find that checking my email every 10 minutes is a great time waster.

But I’m not preaching. Instead, I’ve come to realize that despite my faults, I  have been practicing self-discipline, albeit in tiny steps. For example, I write almost every day. It doesn’t matter if I ever use the material again, just that I wrote it. And that’s an accomplishment because months would pass without my writing a word. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve finished the first draft of my one-act play, plotted a novella, and outlined two screenplays. Sure, it doesn’t seem like much but progress is progress.

Besides, one doesn’t become a published author by staring at the computer screen and waiting for the Magical Writing Faeries to wave their magic wands and conjure a 50k word manuscript. Ask anyone who’s done NaNoWriMo (and I have). The time has come for me to put writing as a hobby aside and focus on it as a possible career. As for my art and photography, while I enjoy such endeavors, I realize that they will probably be done for self-fulfillment only. However, if someone wants to buy my art, I’m willing to talk!

Submitting work is going to take a bit more courage but I did send a 10-minute play out and have a list of theaters and literary magazines ready should the director pass. After reading published author’s experiences with rejection notes, I’m learning how to deal. Apparently chocolate is a must-have. Hmm, guess I’ll have to take a trip to the store…


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