Wow! This Sucks (Part 2) or… Saving the Story

I mentioned in a previous post that I had planned to massacre my darlings (read: story) because my original idea had failed. However, the hand of fate was kind and I spared their lives. The story works better as a contemporary romance while the fairy tale idea will be reworked as a paranormal/fantasy romance.

It’s always gratifying when an idea can be recycled, reworked, and saved from a certain death. The most frustrating problem for me as a writer is to have an idea, start writing, and suddenly find myself lost, the original idea buried under an avalanche of subplots, pointless meanderings, and other first draft fiascoes that many writers suffer through. (There’s a reason why it’s not a good idea to show your first draft to anyone.)

So, it’s back to work revising this story to fit its new category. At least I’m still on schedule!


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