A New Endeavor

I meant to start this writing experiment on my birthday but forgot. So the inaugural post began today (or what’s left of the 38 minutes).

Anyhow, the book is The Daily Writer, by Fred White and I’m using it to not only generate possible story ideas but to discipline myself in the art of writing every day. That said, I won’t do an exercise every day, especially if I’m busy with a WIP.  But even a page is better than nothing. And I’ve been writing more than I used to.

Today’s exercise (June 1) is to take a favorite myth and update it with two adaptations. I chose the story of Medusa.

In my first adaptation, a young actress, Edie, is brutally disfigured after being caught in an affair with an independent film director. Her career ruined, she seeks revenge by killing her victims and cutting off their faces. When the director and his girlfriend confront Edie, she attacks them, only to be stabbed to death. Her funeral is a closed casket one.

The second adaptation involves a successful and ambitious personal injury attorney, Medina, who is also the spokeswoman for the law firm’s television ads. But a two car accident leaves Medina’s face disfigured and the other driver’s wife dead. Demoted and threatened with a law suit, Medina tries to deal with her own firm’s refusal to help her. Faced with a prison sentence and fearful of other women inmates attacking her, Medina commits suicide in her jail cell.

Okay, I realize these have nothing to do with the Medusa myth, but they’re loose adaptations. I think what I really wanted to do was to explore the idea of beauty and how looks affect us. Both Edie and Medina undergo psychological changes in different ways. Edie seeks revenge and Medina lives in denial.

I have other plans for Medusa, but those shall remain quiet for now.

Note: I know it’s June 2 now, but when I started this post it was still June 1. I’ll post the June 2 writing exercise later today, so I won’t fall behind and mess up my schedule. Besides, it looks like a fun challenge.


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