What To Do When Characters Won’t Leave

I don’t write series. Really. Once a book is done, that’s it. I put it aside and move on to a new story.

Call me a liar. For the first time in my writing career, I’m working on a series. I blame my characters. You see, they don’t want to leave, even though other characters from the new book wandered in. Place is getting pretty crowded.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve spent so much time with these guys, I can’t kick them out just yet. I like them, and the more they hang around, the more I learn. Gabriel recently told me about his passion for chess, a game I picked up after a long hiatus. (I’m still not very good. ) Nor did I know until a few weeks ago Gabriel, Xariel (Sariel), and Samael were considered part of the Memitim, a specific group of angels of death.

My introduction to my angels of death started in 2008 when I wrote the first draft of Death Sword for NaNoWriMo. That draft is nowhere near the final one I recently completed. Although the premise stayed the same, the plot, characters, and even character names underwent a massive overhaul.

Two such characters are Samael and Xariel. In a sense, this is their story, although Karla is the complicating factor. While I used Xariel (and Karla’s) points of view in the first book, Samael clamored for his story in the second. I don’t think I’ll redeem him 100% because I feel that would  be untrue to his character. What I’m interested in is exploring the psychological reasons behind his actions. As a writer, my characters’ motives fascinate me, even though I’m the one creating them.

The guys from my Grigori novel will have to pull up a few chairs, settle in, and join the party. Could be a while.


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