Writing Goals

Although I’m not keen on making resolutions, I wrote down writing goals I wanted to accomplish this year. Some are basic, like subscribing to writing magazines, while others are more complex (publishing a novella). There’s no specific completion date for any of these, although I’ve already accomplished a few and am very close to meeting others.

A business plan would give me a better indication of where I”m going, but goals at least keep me on track and give me the flexibility I need. I’m trying to train myself to think of my writing career as a business. That way, I can keep in mind how editors and publishers think regarding the bottom line.

One of the biggest hurdles I had to overcome was my fear of the word “commercial.” I don’t remember if I mentioned this or not, but for the longest time, I wanted to write only “literary” work. As a result, I didn’t write much, nor did I finish projects, most being left to flounder, victims of my inner critic/editor. Since I’ve eschewed the literary snobbery, I’ve written more than I ever have before, not counting the anthologies and novellas I wrote in junior high.

So I guess my main writing goal is a simple one: Write Every Day. Even if it’s only a page, something is better than nothing. At least I’ll have something to work with.

Happy Writing!


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