Writing Outside My Comfort Zone

I’m a writer who can’t write with noise in the background. No conversations, television, radio, nothing. I need absolute silence to concentrate, especially when working on a new story. The only exception is a CD which utilizes brain waves and supposedly helps stimulate creativity. Not sure if it works or not, but it seems to.

However, apparently I’m a liar. Because I have been writing in coffee shops, bookstores, even McDonald’s, where I’m writing this post right now. (And that’s only because I can’t get online at home.) Anyway, half of my short novel, Serpent Fire, was written outside my home on my laptop. The other half was written on my desk top. So, yeah, I guess I’m more adaptable than I thought.

Sometimes it’s good to get a different perspective, to jolt the brain out of its complacency. And it’s a good way to observe people. I don’t have a favorite place to write, though. There’s a new coffeehouse I want to try writing in. Don’t know if the atmosphere will be conducive to creativity, but I have that writing CD downloaded on my IPod, so I guess the odds are pretty good.


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