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Sorry I haven’t been on here as much. I also need to update my other blog which is devoted to speculative fiction. This one is more of my catch-all writing one, and since I was updating another website, decided to stop by.

“The waiting is the hardest part,” Tom Petty sings with his band The Heartbreakers. If there’s one thing writers learn to deal with, it’s waiting – whether to hear back from beta readers, editors, publishers, or even contests. (Of course, I understand some authors have bypassed publishers by self-publishing, but you get the idea.)

Currently, I’m waiting to hear back from four film festivals regarding four screenplays and am also awaiting publishers’ responses. (The latter is via my agent.) So what do I do while waiting? Write. Take online classes. Read. With the contests, I know the general response time, so it’s a matter of keeping my fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, I work on my goals. A friend and I have set up a challenge for 2016: watch 200 movies, read 50 books, and write 2-4 novels. With all that going on, how can one worry about their submissions?


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